Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Today, August 5, is the day of the Warped Tour. On the front page of the friday extra it says, "the annual celebration of punk rock culture"(Friday extra). I have to laugh at this. Maybe that is what it used to be, but lately this annual show has been featuring rock bands of just about every genre but punk. Last year the Warped Tour revived itself a little bit by featuring some great punk bands such as The Casualties, The Briggs, Anti-flag, Bad Religion, and the Bouncing Souls. As I look at the set list for todays show, i see bands like: My Chemical Romance, The Starting Line, Thrice, Atreyu, Reliant K, Motion city Soundtrack, Mxpx, and Select Start. Hmmmm, thats funny, none of those bands play punk rock. The only punk bands that are on the playlist for this year are The Briefs, and Dropkick Murphys. So only two bands out of more than 40 are actually punk bands, at the annual punk rock tour. The truth, is that the Warped Tour sold out. The creators of the Warped Tour began it because punk was not main-stream and it was hard for punk bands to come up with the money to do a national tour. Now that the Warped Tour has established itself as a huge annual event the creators have gotten greedy, and chose bands that are more main-stream. These are not punk bands, and what bothers me is that they still call it a "punk rock" tour. The bands that are posing as "punk rockers" and this so-called "punk tour" are a disgrace to people like me who actually play in a punk band and they are a disgrace to all the punk bands in the history of punk rock, starting from the early 80s.


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